Maine Marijuana Security Requirements

Maine Marijuana Security Requirements

In 2016, Maine residents passed a ballot resolution to legalize adult use cannabis. The Office of Marijuana Policy, Department of Administrative and Financial Services published approved regulations, 18-691 M.R., in November 2019. Maine marijuana license requirements for security in the medical and adult use cannabis programs are described below.

Maine Marijuana Security Plan

Before cultivating, manufacturing, testing, selling, storing or transporting marijuana or marijuana products in Maine, each licensee must receive Department approval of a written Maine marijuana security plan. 

The security plan must provide enough detail for the Department to determine compliance with all requirements, at minimum:

  1. Lighting adequately illuminates entry and exit points;
  2. All doors and windows are lockable;
  3. Fences (if present) meet height and other requirements;
  4. Alarm sensors are present on all entry points and windows and are remotely monitored;
  5. Video cameras are present in all required locations;
  6. Video cameras and storage meet all required specifications; and
  7. For retail establishments, lockable and secure display cases or counters of compliant height.

Maine marijuana establishments must adhere to the security plan submitted to and approved by the Department. Any revisions to the Maine marijuana security plan must be submitted to the Department within 14 days. 

Changes in security system equipment which must be reported include the addition or removal of security cameras or motion sensors, changing security monitoring companies, additions of points of entry, or changes to lighting.

Mandatory Requirements for All Types of Maine Marijuana Licensees

All types of Maine marijuana establishments must enact security measures to prevent the diversion of marijuana or marijuana products that are being cultivated, manufactured, tested, packaged, stored, displayed or transported.

Exterior Lighting

exterior security lighting for cannabis facility

A Maine marijuana establishment’s lighting must be sufficient near the gate or perimeter entry point of the marijuana establishment for observers to see, and security cameras to record, any activity within 10 feet of the gate or entry. A motion detection lighting system may be used to light those areas in low-light conditions.

Doors and Windows

All perimeter entry doors to the cannabis establishment and doors separating limited access areas from areas open to customers or visitors must have commercial grade locks, the type appropriate for facilities requiring high levels of security. 

All external entrances into the licensed establishment must be able to be locked, as well as, all the perimeter windows.

Alarm System

Cannabis Burglar Alarm System

Maine cannabis establishments are required to have monitored sensors on all perimeter entry points and windows. 

The establishment’s alarm systems must be monitored by a licensed security company capable of contacting the licensee and law enforcement, if necessary. 

The alarm system must include an audible alarm which can be disabled remotely by the security company.

Video Surveillance

cannabis compliant security camera

An establishment must have sufficient placement and coverage of video surveillance cameras. 

Cameras must be permanently fixed inside and outside each entry/exit point (perimeter and limited access area) to allow identification of persons entering the premises and limited access areas. 

Surveillance cameras must also be permanently fixed to record all areas outside of the premises within 10 feet of the exterior fence and gates of a cultivation facility with outdoor growing.

Within a Maine marijuana establishment, any area where marijuana, marijuana plants, seedlings, seeds, marijuana waste or products are cultivated, manufactured, stored or prepared must have sufficient surveillance cameras permanently fixed to allow for the viewing of the entire area. 

For Maine marijuana retail establishments, a surveillance camera must be permanently fixed at each point of sale to monitor the identity of the purchaser through facial identity.

The Department requires video surveillance to meet the following minimum requirements:

  1. Minimum camera resolution is 720p;
  2. System storage and cameras are internet protocol (IP) compatible;
  3. All cameras must record continuously twenty-four hours per day and at a minimum of 15 frames per second; and
  4. All cameras must record continuously twenty-four hours per day and at a minimum of 15 frames per second;

Surveillance System Storage

The surveillance system storage device must be secured on the premises in a lock box, cabinet or closet, or must be on a third-party server or secured in another manner to protect from employee tampering or criminal theft. 

Surveillance recordings must be kept for a minimum of 45 days on the licensee’s recording device.

Maine Marijuana Cultivation Facilities: Fencing and Lighting Requirements

A Maine marijuana cultivation facility that cultivates seedlings, immature plants or mature plants in outdoor areas or in greenhouses or other structures that do not meet all security requirements for buildings must secure such areas with fencing and lighting. 

Those marijuana cultivation areas must be secured with fencing. The fencing and all gates must be at least 6 feet high and obscure, or have a cover that obscures, the Limited Access Area from being readily viewed from outside of the fenced in area. 

Lighting must illuminate a perimeter of at least 10 feet around any point of entry, whether it is a gate or access from a building.

Maine Marijuana Facility Additional Security Measures

dispensary security front of store

The Department has indicated an establishment may choose to enact additional security measures to enhance the safety of their marijuana establishment. These include measures to prevent employee theft and security guards.

Measures to prevent employee theft may include a designated area for employee belongings, placing a limit on size of bags which can be brought in by employees, and an area for checking items prior to employees leaving the premises. 

Security guards are permitted but not required at marijuana establishments. 

If security guards are employed or contracted by a licensee, they must meet all qualifications of 32 MRS, chapter 93, be at least 21 years of age, and obtain and display individual identification cards while in limited access areas or in a vehicle that is transporting marijuana plants, marijuana or marijuana products. 

Licensees, employees and security guards must comply with all laws and regulations related to firearms and other weapons.

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Our security consultants are ready to assist your facility with all aspects of the requirements for a Maine marijuana application and to become a licensed cannabis operator in the state of Maine. 

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