Michigan Marijuana Security Requirements

Michigan Marijuana Security Requirements

Michigan has legalized both medical and adult use marijuana. Adult use marijuana became legal to sell on December 1, 2019. The Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA) regulates the state’s adult use marijuana establishments and licensees in accordance with the Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marihuana Act (MRTMA). 

The adult use marijuana emergency rules are in effect until July 3, 2020. The Michigan cannabis security requirements for medical and adult use cannabis are the same in the state of Michigan; both must meet the minimum requirements set forth under Rule 35 as outlined below.  

An applicant for a Michigan marijuana license to operate a cannabis establishment must submit a proposed security plan which demonstrates the proposed establishment meets the minimum security requirements.

Michigan Marihuana Facility Security

A Michigan marihuana licensee must ensure the facility remains securely locked, including all interior rooms, windows, and points of entry and exits, with commercial-grade, nonresidential door locks. 

Locks on doors that are required for egress must meet all the requirements including local fire code and Michigan building code.  

A licensee must also maintain an alarm and video surveillance system at the marijuana establishment.

Video Surveillance System

cannabis compliant security camera

The Michigan cannabis regulations require an establishment to have a video surveillance system that, at a minimum, consists of digital or network video recorders, cameras capable of meeting the recording requirements in this rule, video monitors, digital archiving devices, and a color printer capable of delivering still photos. 

The video surveillance system must record, at a minimum, the following areas:

  • Any areas where marihuana products are weighed, packed, stored, loaded, and unloaded for transportation, prepared, or moved within the marihuana establishment;
  • Limited access areas and security rooms; 
  • Areas between rooms where transfers of marijuana occur;
  • Areas storing a surveillance system storage device with not less than 1 camera recording the access points to the secured surveillance recording area;
  • The entrances and exits to the building must be recorded from both indoor and outdoor vantage points. 
  • The areas of entrance and exit between marihuana establishments at the same location if applicable, including any transfers between marihuana establishments;
  • Point of sale areas where marihuana products are sold and displayed for sale; and
  • Anywhere marihuana or marihuana products are destroyed. 

The establishment video surveillance cameras must record at all times with a minimum of 720p resolution. Each camera should be permanently mounted in a fixed location. 

Security cameras must be placed to allow the camera to clearly record activity occurring within 20 feet of all points of entry and exit of the marijuana establishment and allow for the clear and certain identification of any person, including facial features, and activities, including sales or transfers, in all areas required to be recorded.

security camera pointed at building entrance

Surveillance cameras which record continuously 24 hours per day and recorded images must clearly and accurately display the time and date.

The cannabis establishment must secure the physical media or storage device on which surveillance recordings are stored in a manner to protect the recording from tampering or theft. 

Surveillance recordings must be maintained for a minimum of 30 days, except in instances of investigation or inspection by the agency in which case the licensee shall retain the recordings until the time as the agency notifies the licensee that the recordings may be destroyed. 

The video surveillance system must be equipped with a failure notification system that provides notification to the licensee of any interruption or failure of the video surveillance system or video surveillance system storage device.

Michigan Marijuana Security Services

Our Michigan cannabis security consultants are standing by to ensure your Michigan Security Plan meets all standards and requirements set out by the state. 

We will ensure your Michigan marijuana business or Michigan marijuana microbusiness remains in compliance to allow your visitors, purchasers, company employees, and the larger community feel a sense of ease. Contact us today for a consultation. With our vast experience, we look forward to meeting your Michigan marijuana security needs.

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