Missouri Medical Marijuana Security Requirements

missouri medical marijuana security requirements

In the upcoming months, Missouri will award provisional medical marijuana business licenses to cultivators, infused product manufacturers, and dispensaries under the Missouri Medical Marijuana Regulatory Program. Those applicants who receive a provisional license, must then build their facility in accordance with their submitted application, as well as comply with all parts of Missouri’s medical marijuana licensing requirements.

As to be expected, the Missouri program has established detailed and stringent regulations on the medical marijuana security requirements for all businesses operating under the Program. Security requirements are laid out in section (4)(H) of 19 CSR 30-95.040; however, we want to take the time to walk you through what it means to you.

Missouri Medical Marijuana Access Control Requirements

To begin with, all medical marijuana facilities in Missouri must install and maintain security equipment designed to prevent unauthorized access into limited access areas, as well as diversion and inversion of medical marijuana. Limited access areas are typically considered areas where medical marijuana is stored or where medical marijuana-related operations take place.

The use of an electronic card access system, biometric identification system (facial features, fingerprints, iris scanning), or another equivalent means of control must be used to maintain restricted access. All records of entry into these areas must be maintained for one (1) year.

biometric access control
Biometric access control system

The system must be able to detect unauthorized entry, and in the instance of an unauthorized breach, immediately notify local law enforcement.

Any point-of-sale station, reception area, vault and monitoring station should have manual, silent alarms capable of alerting local law enforcement.

silent alarm button for pos system
Manual silent alarm button

A failure notification system, which alerts you audibly and visually of any failure between you and the security system’s central monitoring station, must also be included.

Missouri Medical Marijuana Operation: Perimeter Security Requirements

The exterior of the building and perimeter, except in the case of outdoor cultivation, should facilitate surveillance through outdoor lighting, as the exterior and perimeter of the facility must have security camera coverage. 

exterior security lighting for cannabis facility
exterior security lighting for cannabis facility

In the case of outdoor medical marijuana cultivation, perimeter security should consist of an eight-foot (8’) chain-link fence, topped with razor wire, and covered with a mesh screen.

chain link fence with razor wire
Razor Wire
chain link fence with mesh screen
Mesh Screen

Missouri Medical Marijuana Security Camera Requirements

Security camera coverage must include at least twenty feet (20′) of space around an outdoor medical marijuana cultivation area.

All exterior doors on any facility type, must be equipped with a locking mechanism for use in the event of a power outage.

Windows located in limited access areas should be designed to prevent intrusion, inaccessible from the outside, as well as unable to be opened.

The electronic video monitoring system should have a viewing station with, at minimum, a nineteen-inch (19″) viewing monitor, as well as a printer that can produce clear still-photos from any security camera. 

All images must be recorded in at least 1920×1080 resolution, or 15 frames per second (FPS). FPS is used to measure the number of images captured per second. The human eye can process 12 images per second, which may appear choppy in videos. 

All recordings should have a date and time accurately displayed in such a way that does not obstruct the recorded view. While the quantity of cameras in your facility is not specified, coverage by your cameras is. All entrances and exits to the facility, including those to and from limited access areas must be covered.

security camera pointed at building entrance
Security camera pointed at building entrance

Point-of-sale locations, vaults or safes must be covered, and anywhere medical marijuana is cultivated, cured, trimmed processed, and disposed of must provide security camera coverage from, at least, two angles. 

Security camera placement must be so that they are not capable of being easily obstructed, tampered with, or disabled. All recordings must be stored for sixty (60) days, on a server on or off-site. 

The storage of security camera recordings must be on a network capable of on-demand access, whether in real-time or for obtaining copies of recordings, from the police department or a law-enforcement agency as well.

All security cameras should be equipped to record for, at least, sixty (60) minutes during a power outage.

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