Nevada Cannabis Security Regulations

Nevada cannabis security requirements

In Nevada, medical and adult-use marijuana has been legalized. The regulations for licensees have been approved by the Nevada Department of Taxation. 

The Nevada marijuana security regulations can be found in Sec. 111.1 of the NAC 453 and encompass the security equipment needed to deter and prevent unauthorized access to limited areas, policies and procedures, security personnel, equipment maintenance and security, and training. 

For our purposes, this article will review the necessary security equipment requirements. 

Nevada cannabis security regulations begin by addressing the licensee’s responsibility to prevent and deter unauthorized access to marijuana in the marijuana establishment by use of security equipment. 

The establishment must designate limited access areas and prevent unauthorized entry into those areas by use of:

  1. Intrusion alert system;
  2. Exterior lighting; 
  3. Electronic monitoring;
  4. Alert notification system; and
  5. Additional security for outdoor cultivation.

Intrusion Alarm System

Cannabis Burglar Alarm System

Nevada cannabis security regulations requires a device or series of devices which will detect unauthorized intrusion. 

These devices may include a signal system interconnected with a radio frequency method. The radio frequency method may be a cellular or private radio signal or other electronic or mechanical devices. 

For licensed Nevada marijuana cultivators, the regulations specify, the intrusion alert system and devices must cover the entirety of the cultivation areas; the perimeter and exterior area of the marijuana cultivation facility.

Exterior Lighting

exterior security lighting for cannabis facility

Nevada marijuana regulations provide exterior lighting requirements specifically marijuana cultivation facilities which engages in outdoor cultivation. 

For those facilities, the exterior lighting should cover the entirety of the cultivation area, the perimeter, and the exterior area of the facility. 

The regulations specify that if the exterior lighting interferes with the growing cycle of the crops, a facility may limit the nighttime exterior lighting to the perimeter and the exterior of the facility. 

For all other types of Nevada licenses, the marijuana facility must ensure adequate exterior lighting to produce clear surveillance images.

Video Surveillance Monitoring

cannabis compliant security camera

The video surveillance system of a marijuana facility must have at least one call-up monitor which is at least 19 inches or more. 

The security camera system must include a video printer capable of immediately producing a clear still image from any security camera. 

This clear still image must be provided to the Department for review upon request. 

Security cameras must have a recording resolution of at least 1920 x 1080, or the equivalent, with a speed of 15 frames per second. 

The video surveillance cameras must provide coverage of all entrances and exits of the building, any room which houses a vault and any point-of-sale (POS) location. 

The marijuana facility security cameras must record 24 hours per day and be capable of being accessed remotely by a law enforcement agency in real time upon request and may record motion only. 

Video surveillance cameras providing coverage for POS locations must allow for the identification of any person purchasing marijuana for dispensing facilities. 

For designated limited access areas of licensed marijuana facilities, security cameras must have a recording resolution of at least 720 x 480, or the equivalent. 

The security cameras must be at least the speed of 15 frames per second and provide coverage for all limited access areas, as well as, any activity in or adjacent to the establishment. 

All surveillance cameras used by the marijuana establishment must have the capability to identify any activity occurring within the establishment in low light conditions 24 hours per day. 

The Nevada cannabis security regulations indicate a licensed establishment must have a method for storing video recordings from the security cameras for at least 30 calendar days. 

The security camera recordings must be kept in a secure on-site or off-site location or through a third-party service or network provider. 

The stored video recordings must be available for review on demand and copies must be provided, as requested, to the Department for review. 

The video surveillance monitoring system must be equipped with a failure notification system to provide an audible and visual notification of any failure to the monitoring system. 

The monitoring system must also have sufficient battery back to support at least 5 minutes of recording in the event of a power outage.

Electronic Notification

The Nevada marijuana establishment must possess an immediate automatic or electronic notification to alert local law enforcement agencies of an unauthorized breach of security in the interior of the building.

Additional Security for Outdoor Cultivation

chain link fence with mesh screen

Nevada marijuana outdoor cultivation facilities must have an alarm system and video cameras which are monitored 24 hours per day. 

The exterior barrier, located around the perimeter of the marijuana cultivation facility, must be approved by local law enforcement as being appropriate. 

The barrier must consist of solid block wall or chain link fence with a height of at least 8 feet and an additional fence with a height of at least 8 feet located at least 10 feet and not more than 20 feet inside of the solid block wall or chain link fence. 

Also, a secure block building may be used, as approved by the Department, to dry and store marijuana if it meets the same security and sanitation requirements for marijuana cultivation facility which engages in indoor cultivation of marijuana.

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