Oregon Recreational Marijuana Security Requirements

Oregon Recreational Marijuana Security Requirements

In regards to Oregon recreational marijuana security requirements, a marijuana license applicant in Oregon must first submit a security plan.

The Oregon Cannabis Commission will not conduct any pre-licensing inspections under OAR 845-025-1090(a) until the applicant’s security plan is approved.

For this reason, it’s important the applicant develop a fully compliant cannabis security plan to submit to the Commission the first time to prevent unnecessary delays.

Oregon does provide a security waiver for requirements which might be difficult to meet as long as they approve the written explanation and request for waiver.

From developing your business’s compliant security plan to equipment installation and testing, our company is here to help.

Required Security Features

An Oregon Marijuana Licensee is responsible for the security of all marijuana items on the premises whether in storage, transit, or awaiting disposal or destruction.

These security features must guard against theft and diversion or marijuana items and records which are required to be kept.

All exterior doors, and gates if applicable, must be locked with a commercial-grade lock.

All marijuana plants and derivatives, concentrates, extracts, or products must be secured with, at a minimum, a properly installed steel door with a steel frame with a commercial grade door lock.

All electronic records must be secured with an electronic backup system. Video recordings and archived required records not kept and backed up electronically must be stored in a locked storage area.  

Alarm System

Cannabis Burglar Alarm System

An Oregon licensed marijuana premises must have a fully operational alarm system.

The alarm system must be able to detect unauthorized entry into the premises and unauthorized activities within limited access areas.

The system must be programmed to notify the licensee or authorized personnel and a mechanism to also notify law enforcement of any unauthorized entry. Oregon allows for these requirements to be met in several different ways.

Our company is ready to assist you in designing the right combination of alarm system equipment to meet the needs of your space while complying with regulations.

Video Surveillance

cannabis security video monitoring

In Oregon, a licensed operator must have a fully operational video surveillance recording system.

The system must include video monitors, digital archiving devices, and at least one monitor on the premises capable of viewing video.

Your video surveillance system must have the capability of producing and printing a still photograph from any camera image.

It must also be equipped with a failure notification system that provides, within one hour, notification to the licensee or authorized representative of any surveillance interruptions, failures, and/or power outage.

Surveillance equipment must have sufficient battery backup to continue recording for a minimum of one hour in the event of a power outage. 

In accordance with Oregon rules, except for mounted cameras, all surveillance equipment and recordings must be stored in a locked secure area accessible only to the licensee, authorized representatives, or state or local government officials with jurisdiction.

Security Camera Placement

security camera pointed at building entrance

Although Oregon marijuana security requirements for video surveillance camera placements are largely dependent upon the type of license, there are some general rules to keep in mind.

The licensed premises must have security camera coverage, as applicable, for all points of ingress and egress to and from the premises, within limited access areas, all entrances and exits from limited access areas, surveillance room, marijuana waste areas, and any additional areas the Commission deems a potential public risk. 

Security cameras must be placed so that they capture clear and certain images of any individual and activity occurring within 15 feet both inside and outside of all points of ingress and egress to and from the licensed premises; and in all locations within limited access, and when applicable, in consumer sales areas on the licensed premises.

Video Recording Requirements for Licensed Marijuana Facilities

An Oregon marijuana licensee must have cameras that continuously record, 24 hours a day, in all areas where mature marijuana plants, immature marijuana plants, usable marijuana, cannabinoid concentrates, extracts, products or waste may be present on the licensed premises and all points of ingress and egress to and from those areas. 

Security cameras mounted in limited access areas or consumer areas must record, at a minimum, resolution of 1280 x 720 px and record at 10 fps (frames per second).

In exterior perimeter and areas on the licensed premises that are not limited access areas, security cameras must record at a minimum resolution of 1280 x 720 px and record at least 5 fps, except where coverage overlaps any limited access areas such as entrances or exits and in those overlap areas cameras must record at 10 fps. Cameras must be capable of recording in all lighting conditions.

Surveillance recordings must be kept for a minimum of 90 calendar days with off-site backup recordings. The recordings should be maintained in a format approved by the Commission and must be easily accessed for viewing and easily reproduced.

All surveillance recordings must have the date and time embedded without significantly obscuring the picture. Video surveillance records and recordings must be made available immediately upon request in a format specified by the Commission.

Controlling Access to Surveillance Room and Recording Equipment

An Oregon licensed marijuana premises must have the surveillance room or surveillance area in a limited access area and have the surveillance recording equipment housed in a designated, locked, and secured room.

Access to these areas must be limited to the licensee, licensee representatives, authorized personnel, service personnel, state or local law enforcement, and employees of the Commission. 

A licensee must keep a current list of all authorized employees and service personnel who have access to the surveillance system and room on the premises.

Licensees must keep a surveillance equipment maintenance activity log to record all service activity including the identity of any individual performing the service, the service date and time and the reason for service to the surveillance system.

Security plans, installment, monitoring, and maintenance of equipment are some of the most stringent requirements in the regulated cannabis industry and Oregon is no exception.

Our company is here to help you meet these requirements with our dedicated, security experts. We look forward to helping you with your Oregon licensing security needs.

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