Washington Recreational Cannabis Security Requirements

Washington Cannabis Security Requirements

In Washington, applicants can apply for licenses for cannabis producing, processing, retail, transportation, and/or for research.

Additionally, an applicant may seek a medical marijuana endorsement.

The State of Washington allows cannabis production in an indoor facility, a greenhouse, or with outdoor methods given the right security measures.

Required Security Features

Security and track and trace system requirements for Washington cannabis licenses are contained within WAC 314-55-083 and are outlined here.

Cannabis production within a fully enclosed indoor facility or greenhouse must be secured and have rigid walls, a roof, and doors.

Outdoor production is allowed in other structures, a nonrigid greenhouse, or in the open expanse or cleared grounds if the perimeter is fully enclosed with a physical barrier.

All cannabis production must be blocked from the view of the public, as such, the physical barrier around the outdoor production should have a sight obscure wall or fence at least eight feet tall.

It is required that an outdoor grow be physically apart from another licensed outdoor producer by at least twenty feet.

Additionally, neighboring outdoor cannabis producers are not allowed to share a common fence or wall to divide the properties.

Alarm Systems

Cannabis Burglar Alarm System

Each Washington cannabis licensed premise must have, at a minimum, a security alarm system on all perimeter windows and entry points.

Other alarm systems may be additionally used as the operators deem necessary to comply with the safety and protection of employees and visitors while preventing the diversion of cannabis.

These other alarm systems may include pressure switches, panic buttons, duress, and hold up alarms, as well as motion detectors.

Surveillance Systems

A Washington cannabis licensed premise must have a complete video surveillance system consisting of security cameras with a minimum resolution of 640 x 470 pixels or an equivalent pixel resolution for analog. 

Washington requires the security cameras and/or the surveillance storage device be internet protocol (IP) compatible. 

Washington requires surveillance cameras be fixed in location and placed to allow for clear and certain identification of any person and activities in controlled areas of the licensed premises.

An indoor facility must have surveillance cameras on all perimeter entrances and exits which record from both the indoor and outdoor vantage points.

cannabis compliant security camera

Security cameras must record continuously twenty-four hours a day with a minimum speed of ten frames per second.

The licensed premises must secure the surveillance system storage device in a lockbox, cabinet, or in another secure manner to protect from tampering or theft.

Surveillance recordings must be maintained for a minimum of forty-five days on the recording device.

Washington cannabis licensed operators must ensure all videos are available for inspection by the State or law enforcement upon request.

The surveillance recordings must be accurately time and date stamped.

Licensed premises must secure with surveillance all Controlled Areas which include the following:

  1. Any area where cannabis is grown, handled, processed, stored, or destroyed waste.
  2. All point-of-sale (POS) areas.
  3. Twenty feet of the exterior of the perimeter of all required fencing and gate enclosing an outdoor grow operation. Any gate or other entry point that is part of the required enclosure for an outdoor growing operation must be lighted in low-light conditions. A motion detection lighting system may be employed to light the gated  area in low-light conditions.
  4. Any room or area storing a surveillance system storage device.

Cannabis Track and Trace Systems

Another essential part of any compliant security plan is the traceability of cannabis from seed to sale. In Washington, cannabis licensees must use a track and trace system specified by the state.

The licensee must ensure that cannabis seedlings, clones, plants, all lots of usable cannabis, extracts, cannabis-infused products, samples, and cannabis waste must be traceable from production to processing and finally, to retail sales.

In addition, licensees must ensure all non-employees display a badge while on the premises and that a log is maintained of all visitors.

Employee Identification Badges for Washington Cannabis Businesses

Washington cannabis security regulation requires all employees on a licensed premises to properly display their employee identification badge at all times while on the premises and/or engaged in transportation of cannabis. 

Identification badges must list the licensee’s trade name and the person’s full legal name and photograph.

All licensees and employees must have their state issued identification available to verify the information on their badge is correct.

In addition, licensees must ensure all non-employees display a badge while on the premises and that a log is maintained of all visitors.


Beyond the specific Washington cannabis security requirements, other essential security features must be carefully selected, such as, door and window locks, placement of alarms, motion detectors, and considerations for secured cannabis storage such as vaults or locked boxes.

Although designing the right security plan for a cannabis operation can seem daunting, our experienced advisers are ready to guide your operation in designing a fully compliant security and surveillance system.

Our security advisers are ready to be your partners in ensuring your security plan is not only compliant, but also, protects and safeguards your employees, visitors, cannabis and cannabis products to give your company peace of mind.

Our staff are here to help your Washington cannabis business design fully compliant security features you can be confident in whether you will be producing, processing, distributing, or transporting cannabis.

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